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Ist (about 200 inhabitants) is located on the island and belongs to the Zadar county. From Zadar is the Ist located about twenty miles. Ist place is mentioned in early fourteenth century called Ost. By the beginning of the eighteenth century Ist was subordinate Molat. Ist secession became an independent parish. The first pastor, the island of Ist come 1730. year. From that time is saved and Glagolitic Code "Libar of confirmations and DUS. At the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century comes to the eviction of residents in the same America. Upon his return, decided to purchase ships and thus become a place with (by tonnage) the largest navy. Ist is also well known for its religious buildings: the church of Sv. Nicholas was built in the middle, while the Lady of Health was built in early nineteenth century. Population of the island of Ist mainly in fishing and agriculture (vines and olives), while more recently built apartments and turning to tourism. Is located in the wide bay, which is protected from almost all winds, so it is with its beaches šljnčanim attractive for guests who want a peaceful holiday. On the other side of the island is the same bay Kosirača that is attractive to boaters because it is very favorable for anchoring ships. Ist is attractive for anglers and divers, and many nearby islands are attractive for guests looking for adventure. On the same island is still bays that are attractive for vacation: Dumboka, Mavrela and Mljake. Until the flow is going from Zadar over Ugljan . Larger islands are sudsjedni Molat and Škarada. Although it is suitable for vacation, Ist has cafes, restaurants and pizzeria. Tourist Attraction, where most apartments are offered, includes the choice is great fish dishes, cheese, ham, lamb and a very high quality Dalmatian wines. Ist one-day excursions, it is recommended to visit the town of Zadar, with a large number of cultural monuments of which the most under the auspices of UNESCO. In addition, near the National Parks of Paklenica, Krka and Kornati, and beautiful nature parks Velebit, Paklenica, Plitvice lakes and Telascica. The parks is a possible holiday full of natural beauty (look at the waterfalls and travertine barriers of various kinds of endemic plants), and for guests who want a little active rest (on Velebit mountain climbing, rafting on Zmanji, bicycling and bicycle paths labeled Lake Vrana). Ist over Zadar airport, ferry port of Zadar, and the motorway, linked to all tourist destinations in the Adriatic and Mediterranean.